Cuba CME Cultural Tour

Discover the vibrant tapestry that is Cuba on this 10-day personalized tour through the music, scenery, culture and cuisine of this enchanting island. Between cooking classes, Cuban rum tastings, salsa lessons, and classic car rides through the historic city, you will be enveloped in an atmosphere filled with enticing aromas of Cuban cuisine and the melodies that echo through the air. As we wander through Havana’s lively streets and Vinales’ verdant valleys, we will share meals and stories with locals, learning about the complex history and the diverse viewpoints of these incredibly resilient people. With its rich history, warm people and old world charm – it is hard not to be inspired by this island. With all of your travel logistics carefully arranged, we welcome you to join us on this unique opportunity, connecting with the authentic spirit of Cuba and her people.

Trip Highlights: 

  • Discover Havana’s captivating history and architectural gems, offering an enriching dive into Cuba’s rich cultural heritage
  • Learn to prepare traditional Cuban dishes with a local chef
  • Embrace the lively rhythm of Cuba with a salsa class
  • Cruise through Havana’s colorful streets in a classic car
  • Share laughter and stories with local hosts over a game of dominó, offering a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of Cuban people
  • Explore Havana’s street art scene on a guided tour with local artists
  • Sip freshly prepared mojitos while listening to the rhythms of Cuba’s live music ringing through the streets
  • Enjoy a delightful farm-to-table lunch in the verdant valley of Viñales, learning about local agricultural practices while experiencing the authentic taste of Cuban cuisine.
  • Visit a local medical clinic and learn about the famous and intricate Cuban medical system 
  • Earn up to 10 hrs of Category 1 CME for physicians, NPs/PAs and RNs
  • Discover Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad in this personalized 10-day Cuban itinerary! Loved ones and non-medical professionals are welcome!

Dates: January 10th-20th, 2025

Prices: from $5,895

People & Place

Why we Love Cuba

Cuba stands as a testament to the resilience and vibrancy of its people, a nation where every street corner, every melody, and every shared meal tells a story of strength, struggle, and indomitable spirit. The Cuban people, with their warm smiles and open hearts, embody a unique blend of cultural richness that transcends the island’s complex history. Their ability to find joy in the simple pleasures of life, from the spontaneous street salsa to the passionate debates in the plazas, reflects a community deeply connected to its roots yet open to the world. Cuba itself is a mosaic of stunning natural beauty, from the verdant tobacco fields of Viñales to the historic, timeworn streets of Havana, each offering a glimpse into a past preserved and a future being shaped with hopeful resilience. This is a place where time seems to move at its own pace, inviting travelers to step into a world that balances the echoes of its colonial past with the vibrant pulse of contemporary life. In Cuba, the warmth of its people and the beauty of its land invite a deeper connection, making every visit not just a journey, but a heartfelt encounter with the soul of the island. 

Viñales Valley

Viñales Valley is a picturesque region in Cuba known for its stunning natural beauty, lush tobacco fields, and unique limestone formations called mogotes. This charming valley offers visitors a glimpse into rural Cuban life, with colorful houses, friendly locals, and a relaxed atmosphere. Explore the valley on foot or horseback, visit tobacco farms, and soak in the tranquility of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our itinerary includes delicious farm-to-table meals in this location.


Havana, Cuba’s vibrant capital, stands as a captivating fusion of the past and present, where vintage cars cruise along streets lined with grand, yet time-worn colonial buildings, each telling a story of glory and struggle. This city is a living canvas, painted with the colors of its rich cultural heritage and the resilient spirit of its people. From the rhythmic beats of salsa that echo through the historic alleys of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the innovative art and culinary scenes that pulse in its modern districts, Havana offers a feast for the senses. The Malecón, a sweeping seafront promenade, offers a picturesque backdrop for both contemplative sunrise walks and exuberant sunset gatherings, symbolizing the city’s dynamic social tapestry. Havana’s unique charm lies in its ability to embrace contradictions, merging historical depth with contemporary energy, fostering a cityscape that’s not just experienced but felt deeply in the hearts of all who wander its enigmatic streets.


Trinidad, Cuba, is a mesmerizing portal to the past, with its well-preserved colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. This UNESCO World Heritage Site captivates visitors with its vibrant history, visible in every corner, from the meticulously maintained Plaza Mayor to the grandeur of its historical mansions now serving as museums. The city’s uniqueness is further amplified by its surrounding natural landscapes, from the tranquil Caribbean beaches to the lush Escambray Mountains, offering an array of outdoor adventures. Trinidad also thrives on its cultural richness, with the rhythms of salsa permeating the air, artisans crafting traditional wares, and locals sharing stories that weave the fabric of this community’s identity. It’s a place where the essence of Cuba is preserved, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its timeless beauty and warm hospitality, making Trinidad a cultural gem in the heart of Cuba.

Hike or ride through Vinales

Discover the lush countryside of Vinales valley a Unesco World Heritage site

Classic Car Tour Through Havana

Discover the colorful streets of Havana from a birds-eye-view while cruising in a classic Cuban Car

Explore the Turquoise Waters

White sand beaches and warm tropical waters are a highlight of this Caribbean island experience!

Discover Cuba's Culinary Treasures

From fresh seafood, home cooked meals and top-notch restaurants, our itinerary includes an incredible tour of Cuba's culinary scene

Dates & Prices

Dates: January 10th-20th, 2025

Price: $5,895

CME Fee: $695

Single Supplement Fee: $995 (limited availability)

What’s Included

  • All transportation within Cuba (private, AC) 
  • 7 nights of accommodation at 4-star boutique hotels
  • Entrance fees, tickets, and local guide fees for all activities are included in the itinerary
  • 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners (includes 1 -3 alcoholic beverage or specialty non-alcoholic beverage at dinners, depending on the meal) 
  • Bilingual Cuban Tour Leaders & Trip Host
  • Assistance booking flights to Cuba and understanding the visa/tourist card process
  • 10 hrs of Medical Spanish instruction 
  • Global Health & Travel Medicine CME Lectures  

What’s Not Included

  • International airfare to and from La Habana, Cuba 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Meals not indicated on the itinerary
  • Additional food or drinks not included at meals 
  • Additional tours/activities done individually during free time (we can assist in coordinating these for you)
  • Tips to local guides, drivers and hosts