15 Mysterious Facts of Egypt

Ancient Egypt has always been seen as a fascinating and mysterious culture that has grabbed the imagination of many and the interest of archeologists worldwide. Its rich history has survived to this day, and there are many present customs that date back to ancient times. Here are 15 facts from ancient and modern Egypt that … Continued

Village HopeCore International

For the last 20 years, Phil Rasori, director and owner of Rasori Expeditions has been leading safaris and medical seminars to Kenya. Our trips in Kenya always have an option to visit Village HopeCore International, a health and micro enterprise program that Dr. Rasori co-founded in the year 2000. Dr. Rasori remains the medical director … Continued

Phil Rasori Photography

For 25 years, Phil’s photography has focused on the world’s endangered cultures and wildlife. His photographic exhibits have been traveling nationally since the early 1990’s. The photographs celebrate the dignity and beauty of village people and the importance of honoring cultural diversity in our new century. They speak not only of the individual but of … Continued