About Us

Rasori Expeditions is a recognized authority in international travel specializing in cultural experiences, socially responsible travel, and global journeys. We have been leading people on expeditions for over 30 years. Known internationally for our Medical Education Division, we are committed to global health and service.




Kenya Safari

What we do

High end, small scale trips to exotic destinations. All of our trips are carefully designed to provide our authentic and purposeful travel experiences

Why Our Trips are Different

35 years, 7 continents. We love sharing this beautiful world with our guests. 


Deluxe Adventures 

Our trips are carefully designed for boutique and comfortable experiences in  off-the beaten path destinations. 

World Class Experiences

Our travel itineraries have been perfected over the years with decades of experience infused with regional knowledge. 

Expert Guides & Expedition Leaders  

Our guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable bringing their local culture and history to life. 

Ethical Travel-Sustainability Focused 

Throughout the last several decades we have developed incredible partnerships with the local tour operators and outfitters who align with our responsible travel guidelines. 

Family Operated

Rasori Expeditions was founded by Dr. Phil Rasori, a medical doctor specializing in global health and travel medicine. He has spent the last 35 years of his life bringing groups to some of the most exotic corners of the world.  

Our History

Our adventures started out in the 1980s as accredited programs for physicians and nurses and slowly over 35 year has grown to do cultural and wildlife experiences aroudn the world focusing on small groups and educational travel. 
Dr. Phil Rasori

Dr. Phil Rasori

Phil Rasori first began leading international tours and educational field seminars 33 years ago. He is a physician who works as a consultant and lecturer in the fields of global health and travel medicine and for the last 25 years has exhibited widely as a professional photographer focusing on the world’s threatened cultures and wildlife. The history of his photographic exhibits is below. His work as a global health consultant and as a photographer has allowed him to travel widely for the last three decades.


During that time, he has led travel programs for physicians and non medical travelers to all the continents including: Kenya (20 groups), Tanzania (4 groups), New Guinea (10 groups), Peru (5 groups), Costa Rica (2 groups), France, Ecuador, India (3 groups), Nepal, Bhutan (9 groups), Brazil (3 groups), Mexico, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda (3 groups), Rwanda (3 groups), Galapagos (4 groups), South Africa, Europe, Guatemala, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Morocco and Antarctica (4 groups).